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Styrocrete polymer cement coating properties

StyroCrete™ is a high strength polymer cement mix designed to be used with StyroCrete Polymer Concentrate as a coating over polystyrene (EPS) foam trim molding, letters or panels, either interior or exterior. Polyurea based, it will increase the integrity and add strength and durability to the surface of amy Styrofoam shape. It may be integrally colored using the Marbelite Tint Kit or may be painted after complete drying. Polyurea is a very fast set material, which makes it ideal for coating EPS Styrofoam. Polyurea is much more durable than paint and typically lasts much longer between maintenance cycles. Polyurea is the clear choice when it comes to cost/performance payback and operation. Polyurea is resistant to many fuels and chemicals. It is commonly used in fuel pits and pipeline secondary containment. Polyurea is not resistant to all chemicals and necessary compatibility tests and surface preparation are always required.

Markets and Applications for Styrocrete polymer EPS coating

Polyurea is a remarkable technology with a range of uses limited only by your imagination. As with any coating system, proper surface preparation, correct application equipment and the use of compatible primers is required.  Molded slides, protective coating of seats for wet/dry amusement rides, tank linings, water containment, aquariums, concrete stadium seats are just a few of the many applications polyureas are commonly used for in the amusement and theme park industry. Polyureas usage is rapidly growing in applications to replace paint and fiberglass due its fast cure and ability to reduce maintenance cycles.

Polyurea has much the same uses in architectural design as it does in theme park and other applications. Polyurea is used as a protective coating over foam, EPS and other structures to create ornamental building fascia, themed characters, artificial rocks, pools and environments. There are many uses for movie set and theater stage design as well.

EPS Spray Molding 

The use of Polyureas for spray in mold processes are gaining momentum with the advent of low output spray guns. Polyureas have very fast reaction times and are meter mixed and dispensed through plural component equipment. These materials are dry to the touch within seconds after application reducing demold time dramatically. Physical properties of these materials can be altered by the system formulator to meet application requirements.

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