Styrocrete - Product Info

StyroCrete™ is a high strength polymer cement mix designed to be used with StyroCrete Polymer Concentrate as a coating over polystyrene (EPS) foam trim molding, letters or panels, either interior or exterior. .It will increase the integrity and add strength and durability to the surface of any Styrofoam shape. It may be integrally colored using the Marbelite Tint Kit or may be painted after complete drying. Styrocreteoffers state of the art primers and coatings for all of your protection needs.

Styrocrete™ is a family of products which are applied to styrofoam or EPS polystyrene to provide a permanent, weather resistent finish. Coating on EPS foam can produce finishes from a pre-coat (rough) finish, a "pre-cast" look, or even a limestone finish.  The pre-coat finish is often done to reduce the labor on the jobsite.  Also, you can produce a product that has the look of pre-cast, without the weight.  Some of the finishes look very much like a semi-rough limestone look.  These can be used in place of actual stone at about 1/50th the cost.

Styrocrete™ is a premix coating, which can be hand brushed, roller applied or sprayed with ordinary painting equipment. It provides a strong, lightweight uniformly smooth appearance, which can be coated with any type of solvent or water base paint.  

Styrocrete™ is a creation of Marbelite International, the #1 Manufacturer of EPS Coating mixes. Our products are exported to Europe, Asia, South America, and several Third World Countries. We are not a retailer, but a supplier to installers & distributors of coatings worldwide. All our coatings are designed to deliver superior surface protection.


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